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Active adolescents and adults of all ages, including weekend and elite athletes, seek our expertise and services. Our extensive knowledge, combined with the unique and comprehensive services available at HSS, provides patients with the highest quality of care, from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and wellness.


Running to HSS for Help with Hip Injuries

It was right after winning last March that I began to feel like something wasnt right in my hip, recalls Therese. First it felt as though something was catching, then it seemed as if the catching had turned to grinding. I went for a run and suddenly I could barely walk, Therese recalls.

Therese sought help from Dr. Struan Coleman at the Center for Hip Preservation at Hospital for Special Surgery. An MRI showed a labral tear, impingement in her right hip joint, and problems with her psoas tendon.

In early June she underwent surgery, during which Dr. Coleman repaired the labral tear, eased the impingement, and released the psoas tendon arthroscopically. I could tell immediately that the pain was gone, says Therese. Within a week she had started physical therapy, stretching and performing core strengthening with her therapist, Diana Zotos. Read more


Arthroscopic Hip Surgery Puts Collegiate Soccer Player Back in the Game

A soccer player all her life, Ali Werner hoped for a spot on a Division I team when she entered college. But, during her high school junior year, a series of injuries and illnesses threatened to spoil her plans. She pulled a hamstring, injured her groin muscle, her hip hurt, and she developed mono.

She went to a number of local doctors, hoping to find the cause of her hip and groin pain, but was unable to find any professional who could identify its cause. Then, most likely as the result of favoring the injured side, the other side began to hurt as well.

Eventually, her school trainer suggested she see Dr. Bryan Kelly, a hip specialist at the Center for Hip Preservation at Hospital for Special Surgery. Read more


A Family Affair: Justine and Michael Miano

Brother and sister Michael and Justine Miano share more than a great sense of humor and outgoing personality. Twenty-one-year-old Michael and sixteen-year-old Justine endured hip pain for as long as they could remember. Initially, their discomfort was dismissed by their pediatrician as "growing pains." As the two matured, the pain continued, with certain activities making it worse.  In 2006, the Mianos saw Robert Buly, MD, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip problems at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). After careful testing and analysis, Justine and Michael underwent arthroscopic hip surgeries at Hospital for Special Surgery on the very same day. Read more


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