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  • Exercises Aim to Reduce ACL Tears in Kids
    March 25, 2014—ABC News
    Doctors say they are seeing more torn ACL cases in elementary schools, from children playing tackle football to doing gymnastics, and the numbers are so large that pediatric orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Daniel Green at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery are calling it an epidemic....

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment and Management Guide
    March 20, 2014—Everyday Health
    Dr. Susan Goodman, HSS Rheumatologist, discusses rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with Everyday Health in a video series...

  • Gaining Perspective on Patient Engagement Through Social Media
    March 19, 2014—Healthcare Informatics
    On the surface, the idea of getting clinicians to interact with patients on social media comes with much apprehension and worry. HIPAA privacy laws are at the forefront of these concerns, and additionally, doctors have to be very careful about how they construct responses on a social networking forum for patients who might not even be their own....

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