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During the summer months, the pool is a wonderful place for children to have fun, cool off, spend time with their friends, and get some exercise. Swimming offers tremendous health … More…

Lorene Janowski, Occupational Therapist

Q1. My 18 month old has problems with holding small objects and tends to drop the objects a lot. Is that normal or are there any exercises he can do … More…

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April 22, 2014 at 5:34 pm

Did you know that Electromyography (EMG) is a form of electrodiagnostic testing that is used to study nerve and muscle function? Dr. Joseph Feinberg, Physiatrist, says: “There are two parts to EMG testing: a nerve conduction study and a needle exam for muscle testing. Both may result in some discomfort, but are usually well tolerated without the need for medication beforehand. EMG testing usually takes anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the condition being tested and findings of the study.” For more information on EMG testing, visit

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