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If you’re going to play football, it’s important to be protected. That includes wearing a football helmet. “Football players are susceptible to concussions. A concussion is a change in mental … More…

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Injuries to the neck or cervical spine are frequent among football players. Dr. James Farmer, Orthopedic Surgeon and former Notre Dame football player, explains what might put you at risk … More…

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September is here and so is football season which means excitement, competition and unfortunately, the risk of injury. Dr. Thomas Wickiewicz, Orthopedic Surgeon and Head Team Physician St. Peter’s College, … More…

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April 19, 2014 at 12:00 pm

The NHL playoffs are underway, and having a strong abdominal and core muscle strength is important for keeping players in top form. Gregory Reinhardt, HSS Physical Therapist, says: "While skating, the activation of a hockey player's oblique muscles is crucial for their ability to constantly push off from their skates." To read more about core strength for hockey players, visit http://hss.edu/onthemove/core-strength-for-hockey-players/.

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