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Caring for Veterans

by HSS on the Move
American flag

Join us in saluting all of our veterans on Veterans Day. Dr. Sabrina Strickland, Orthopedic Surgeon, cares for many United States veterans. “I find great fulfillment in this role as … More…

Dr. Osric King, Sports Medicine Physician

Dr. Osric King, Sports Medicine Physician, explains what might put you at risk and how to avoid rotator cuff injuries. The rotator cuff functions to move the shoulder and lift … More…


Tips to Avoid Tennis Injuries

by HSS on the Move
Tennis player

For professional tennis players, the U.S. Open is right around the corner. For the rest of us, it is near the end of the outdoor tennis season. Dr. Josh Dines, … More…

Dr. Lawrence Gulotta, Orthopedic Surgeon

Q1. I had treatment for a rotator cuff tear about 10 years ago. I will have to have surgery again for another tear I sustained. Can you tell me what … More…

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April 19, 2014 at 12:00 pm

The NHL playoffs are underway, and having a strong abdominal and core muscle strength is important for keeping players in top form. Gregory Reinhardt, HSS Physical Therapist, says: "While skating, the activation of a hockey player's oblique muscles is crucial for their ability to constantly push off from their skates." To read more about core strength for hockey players, visit http://hss.edu/onthemove/core-strength-for-hockey-players/.

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