Refer to a Rheumatologist at HSS

With the largest group of rheumatologists in the country, Hospital for Special Surgery is a world leader in the research and treatment of rheumatic disease. HSS embraces a philosophy of integrative care. HSS rheumatologists refer your patients, as needed, to our staff of expert orthopaedists, physical and occupational therapists, and psychological support services, as well as non-traditional health care providers. And, if appropriate, your patient may also choose to participate in one of our clinical trials.

You or your patient can call our toll-free Physician Referral Service at 877.606.1555 or visit them online.

The Physician Referral Service will answer questions about the credentials of our physicians, subspecialty expertise, and insurance and managed care plans.

Alternatively, you can contact an HSS Rheumatologist directly:

HSS Rheumatologists

Alexa Adams, MD
Juliet Aizer, MD, MPH
Dalit Ashany, MD
Anne Bass, MD
Jessica Berman, MD
Harry Bienenstock, MD
Mary K. Crow, MD, Physician-in-Chief
Gina DelGuidice, MD
Doruk Erkan, MD
Theodore Fields, MD, FACP
Rebecca Florsheim, MD
Jacobo Futran, MD
Allan Gibofsky, MD
Susan Goodman, MD
Jessica Gordon, MD
Lionel Ivashkiv, MD
Lawrence Kagen, MD
Kyriakos Kirou, MD, FACR
Thomas J.A. Lehman, MD
Michael Lockshin, MD
C. Ronald MacKenzie, MD
Steven Magid, MD
Lisa Mandl, MD
Joseph Markenson, MD
Charis Meng, MD
Stephen Paget, MD, FACP, FACR
Edward Parrish, MD
Linda Russell, MD
Jane Salmon, MD
Lisa Sammaritano, MD
Sergio Schwartzman, MD
Robert Spiera, MD
Richard Stern, MD
Lisa Vasanth, MD, MS
Arthur Yee, MD
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